Bolivia and Evo Morales – Another Sharp Left Turn and It’s All Downhill From La Paz

The duly elected President of Bolivia is Evo Morales, and he is very popular amongst the indigenous Indians that live in that region and have for thousands of years. In fact, Evo Morales is the first native Indian to be elected President of Bolivia. Still, since he has nationalized energy companies, mining corporations, and telecommunication firms he is thought to be one of the most anti-capitalist presidents of all of South America; perhaps, in a tie with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Like Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales has promised additional social services, and upgrading of infrastructure to his people, and he has been planning to pay for it with all the monies made from the nationalized  cytotec Santa Cruz companies in the energy, telecommunications, and the mining industry. Unfortunately, all these companies are now very inefficient because they are run by the government, and they are not making the kind of money they are supposed to.

Additionally, with a global economic crisis things are rather tough and President Morales is unable to make good on these promises. This should be no surprise to anyone as it is very common with those nations that turn socialist from capitalism. Unluckily for the future of Bolivia, it looks as if President Morales will be re-elected even though Bolivia is sliding into severe economic decay.

Worse, while all this is happening Bolivia is increasing its obligations and payments to other nations such as Russia, Venezuela, and Pakistan for buying weapons systems for its military. Interestingly enough, Iran has also pledged to give the money to Bolivia, and make additional loans.

After Bolivia nationalized all those companies, and reneged on its foreign debt obligations, and as it is turning into a socialist nation it appears that all the hard work over the last 50 years is now lost, and with it perhaps the future and economic vitality of the nation for many generations to come. It’s all downhill from here. Please consider all this.

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