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Choose From Different Types of Candle Wax

Candle wax is the most commonly and widely found wax that we come across in our daily lives. Wax is found in a number of varieties and each variety has its own unique qualities. With different melting points, each type of wax acts as a fuel that helps the candle to burn.

Wax can be extracted from different types of plants, animals and other sources like crude oil and so forth. Let us examine the different types of candle wax that can be used to make candles of different varieties.

Various Types of Wax Used

Some of the commonly used varieties of wax include:

Paraffin wax: low priced and most commonly used wax for making candles include the paraffin wax which is a by product of crude oil. This wax is known for its characteristic feature of Whole Melt Extracts Live Resin being odourless, colorless and tasteless. Available in different grades, this particular candle wax is segregated according to its melting points. The melting point of the soft grade paraffin is below 130 degree Fahrenheit. The soft grade wax is used for making candles in jars, cups and so forth. The hard grade wax melts at a temperature of above 150 degree Fahrenheit and is used to make craved and moulded candles. These candles burn for a longer time than those made with soft paraffin wax.

Tallow wax: this is an age old natural wax that can be derived from pigs, cows and sheep. It is used for making candles in jars and containers as it has a low melting point. Known to emit an unpleasant odour while burning, this candle wax also produces smoke.

Bayberry wax: known to have a natural and sweet aroma, the bayberry wax is made from mainly two types of shrubs, i.e. the Southern bayberry and the Northern bayberry. It has a rich olive color and is quite expensive compared to the other types of wax. It is obtained by boiling the berries in water.

Beeswax: quite expensive and known for its natural scent of honey, the beeswax is sticky and burns slowly. It is the best form of candle wax that is used by most of the people. It emits no smoke and burns slowly with a sweet smell.

Soy wax: it is one of the most popular and trendy wax that is used widely today because of its unique features. It is inexpensive, burns without residues and mixes well with fragrant oils. It is available in different colors and is used for aromatherapies.

Palm wax: another candle wax includes the palm wax which is made of oil palm and can be used for making candles of different colors and shapes.

Jelly wax: similar to hair gel, this particular gel is a ready made wax inclusive of color and scent.

Gel wax: yet another type of candle wax is the gel wax which is made from plastic polymer and mineral oils. This wax can be used with small marbles, wax fruit, glitter sprinkles and so forth to make beautiful and attractive candles.


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