How to Install Bamboo Roll Up Blinds

Bamboo roll up blinds are the perfect additions to your home if you are aiming for the natural look. Not only is it natural, it is quite durable as well. If bamboo could survive being made into different pieces of furniture, it’s pretty sure that it can be made into roll up blinds.

Bamboo roll up blinds also give your home that instant oriental aura. This is because a lot of people associate bamboo with Asia since it is where bamboo is found and used in abundance. Even with that fact, you can find bamboo almost anywhere in the world.

Bamboo roll up blinds installation guide:

You will need to prepare the following items in order to have a smooth installation of your bamboo blinds. Tape measure, pencil, ladder or stepladder, drill, drill bits and safety goggles. If you don’t have all the necessary tools, you can substitute some of the materials. Like, instead of a stepladder, you can use a chair instead.

Step 1:

Determine first where you want to place your 롤대리 bamboo roll up blinds. There is a difference between mounting your blinds indoors and outdoors. If you plan on mounting your blinds indoors, then you need to make the measurements carefully since it will be displayed in your home. You need to make sure that your blinds will fit carefully.

Step 2:

Remove any existing window treatments you may have right now. You need to make sure everything is gone. Your new window blinds will definitely come with their own brackets and other hardware, so you need not worry about needing your old window brackets.

Step 3:

Hold the bamboo roll up blinds to your desired height. Make sure that it covers the entire window without obstructing anything. It should hang slightly above the floor or the windowsill. Measure is key.

Step 4:

If you have the desired location of the blinds, drill the holes needed for the screw. The screws will hold the main rail of the bamboo blinds.

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