Legal issues Of Attraction — How to get Rich By Unblocking Constraining Beliefs

Our mind holds the key to how to get rich. We have both a conscious and a unconscious mind. Our conscious mind includes anything that is inside of our awareness while our unconscious activity is just below our awareness. Most of us have about 60, 000 thoughts per day and 90% occur intuitively. In addition, if there is a conflict between a conscious and unconscious thought, the unconscious thought will win.

Unconscious thoughts are much more prevalent and yet we are not even aware of them. These are often beliefs which come from deep inside, which unblocked games wtf might have been instilled in you because of your parents or an experience in your childhood.

I know anytime I was young, my parents did have no debt and they were determined that “debt was bad”. I was taught that you should first save for what you want and only purchase it when you had enough money. Perhaps this is helpful advice that many more people should adhere to, especially in our heavily debt-ridden society.

Later in life, when i studied Finance I learned that a certain amount of debt is good for a company. In fact, I learned how to calculate the perfect leverage for a company — the best relation of debt to fairness.

When i applied that to the life, I interpreted it to mean that a home loan is okay, but credit card and other financial debt is bad. After all, mortgages have relatively reasonable interest rates and invite a person to use leverage (someone else’s money) to invest or create a return for themselves. Hopefully a house bought now will appreciate in value by the time you go to sell it.

Credit card debt is another animal altogether. With interest rates at 18% or more, it is not “smart debt”. In fact, using credit cards to purchase consumables like household goods or restaurant meals means that what you’ve bought might even be gone before it is ever paid back.

So for my entire life, I’ve stayed away from car loans, credit card debt and different types of financial debt and felt quite virtuous about it. You see, my conscious mind had determined that a mortgage is okay, but think about my unconscious mind?

Well, if the truth be known, I hate the fact that I have a home loan. I find myself like it makes me a captive or a slave. I cannot risk losing my job because I have a home loan. I worry about settling my mortgage. I worry about losing my job. This is because deep down, I hold the fact that was instilled in me by my parents that “all debt” is bad. My parents never had a home loan and I heard many times how they worked and saved until they had enough money to buy a house.

So no matter what my conscious mind and MBA degree might tell me about debt, I have a deep-seeded belief about debt that is different.

Just as, when you wonder how to get rich, you may be using the Law of Attraction to attract wealth and wealth but you may not be doing well in life’s game of how to get rich, due to a deep-seeded belief that is blocking you. Perhaps your conscious mind is hinting that you want wealth and how to get rich, but in your unconscious mind, you feel that money is bad, money is the reason behind all evil, wealth damages lives, or money doesn’t buy happiness. Unless you realize that you have these counter productive beliefs and do something to change them, you will not be able to attract wealth and abundance.

With regard to how to get rich and money, the old saying is actually that “the love of money is the reason behind all evil. inch Money itself is not evil nor can it ruin lives Money Can make you happy. It can improve your wellbeing. It can free you so that you are able to live a life which is purposely to serve others.

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