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Movie Downloads For Noobs

While a majority of people know that you are able to download movies on the internet, not everyone knows how to go about it, and what the benefits are. The good news is that it is very easy, even for the non-computer savvy, like myself.

After being frustrated by the often slow release of movies onto DVD and then finding that I have to wait to rent them once they are available, I decided to do a bit of my own research into how to download movies on the internet.

The first step I took was to do a quick Google search, which turned up an overwhelming amount of possible sites (literally millions) all offering movie downloads, it was hard to know where to start, but having the luxury of time I started looking through them. Amongst them were several free movie download sites, offering legal movie downloads, this was an exciting prospect, but on further investigation I found that the movies were often quite old i.e. black and white, musicals or other such things that didn’t quite suit my tastes, so I kept looking.

While not having investigated every possible site,seriale online I have found one that suits all of my needs and stuck with it, it offers not only a side variety of up to date moves, but T.V. shows and music as well, all of which are unlimited after one initial membership fee.

These are all reasons I chose to sign up for a movie download subscription. Now I can not only browse for and download movies of my choice at my own leisure, but I can also download a vast array of up to date music and T.V. shows as well

The pros are you get up to date movies of your choice in a short amount of time (dependent on your computer speed of course) which are high quality and legally obtained. Legally obtained movie downloads are something which most of us have to be conscious of unless we are living somewhere like the Philippines or Indonesia.

The best sites I have found so far are listed on my blog: These sites are safe in terms of viruses and spyware. the movies and other files are in a format that can be easily viewed and stored on your PC, they provide step by step instructions of what to do and provide support, which is good if your like me and sometimes find straight forward computer instructions a bit overwhelming at times. There is also info on how to put your movie onto a DVD.

Basically for someone like myself it turns an initially daunting task of how do I find movies on the net, into a pleasant, easy and efficient experience….If I feel like watching a horror I can download it in the morning and watch it that night, there is almost an indefinite amount and selection of movies T.V. and music all achieved through one member ship all in one place, I highly recommend doing this for anyone who enjoys watching movies. Now you can not only watch them in the comfort of your own home, why not choose them from home as well.

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