Mumbai an Its Stopovers

Mumbai is a city of charms. It is known as a financial capital of India. It’s been donned as a major attraction to local and elite alike. it’s been in the news for many reasons. It speaks of amalgamation of local life with elite. As we all know, it hosts, the famous Bollywood industry. Bollywood industry has benefited   from the rich cultural heritage of Mumbai. It offers well deserved cultural pattern with cheap labour. Mumbai is known to be a city that never sleeps. It gets its pulsating definition because of high energy and its importance as a financial hub of country.

Street Markets of Mumbai, India

Mumbai has many attractions. Apart from a meandering 꽁머니 즉시  coastline and its heavy coastal clout Mumbai has many fascinating sightseeing. Mumbai has a busy coastline. People thong to see the famous harbour and take ferry to reach Elephanta and Ellora caves. Elephant and Ellora caves were built in eighteenth century and was touted as major cultural heritage. Here in Ajanta and Ellora caves we get to see the artistic talent of our lost forefathers. Each mural etched on the wall speaks of our magnificent past. Next big thing is the famous port which operates both night and day. It is a major tourist attraction and it gives a bird’s eye view of business in Mumbai. The coastline line with its sun burned beaches is a very major attraction. It comes with rich Konkani food which gives a gist of major tourist attraction for the busy city. Rich Konkani food laced with aromatic spices gives a very good feel and keeps us updated of cultural twist.

Taj Heritage hotel is yet another jewel in the crown. It is vast architectural wonder built during Raj times. It gives us well defined silhouette in the Mumbai’s clear horizon, it can be well found on Google map and it is one of the major attractions to see if you happen to visit Mumbai. The Taj boasts of major cultural exchange programmes with other countries. In the same zone we also have a monument which saw Queen Victoria coming to the county during British Raj days. It was built in the eighteen century which welcomed the arrival of then queen. It is huge monument which in itself gives a brief glimpse of India’s glory. Then there are several temples which speaks not only devotion but also the uniqueness of Hindu culture. Nowadays Mumbai is also known for its changing skyline. Not only Mumbai has a very rich cultural roots but modernity is also taking shape and can be noticed in its very definitive architecture. The food is awesome here, the cuisine has to offer the dynamism in the food history it has, Food is also one the major cause of unity in diversity that we see the Mumbai’s culture. One of the reasons why Mumbai resounds well, is the fact, that Mumbai hosts several corporate offices.

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