Quit Smoking Weed – Stay Away From Marijuana and Hash to Stay Safe


How can you actually stop smoking grass or weed for good? Are there really any effective ways through which you can quit these nasty and harmful habits? To tell you the truth, there are plenty of options which are available in the form of guides, medicines and pills, exercises and lifestyle changes but what matters most is whether you want to quit or not.

Taking the decision to quit smoking marijuana is perhaps the most important decision that you have to take, either today or tomorrow. Better today than tomorrow. Take a fim decision that you will quit in the near future. But that you will quit and not run away from it.

Taken the decision to quit pot, you are one step ahead of the millions who still smoke it and will die sooner. Congratulations, you have stopped the drug from stopping you. If you still have not taken, its not late. Take it now.

Step two is perhaps the most difficult – changing your company.
A research reveals that most people pick smoking pot usually because of their peer groups. Everyone wants to fit in the social circle, true. Humans are social animals so this is natural. But not at the cost of your health. Cut back on all your friends that smoke pot with you and keep telling yourself that you have to live a clean and sober life.

This done, correct some vital lifestyle changes to occupy empty hands:

Try to chew chewing gum. Keeping your mouth busy is an effective way to make it forget the need of anything else. This will eventually replace your smoking habit.
Every time you feel like smoking, drink plenty of water. gras online kaufen Keeping your mind away from a joint is the key so try to forget it by remembering every other thing.
Stop reading books or articles related to grass and the smoker. Take off all your posters and slogans from the walls of your room. Remove everything that is reminiscent of a joint such as movies, music etc. These things make a big difference.
Basically, shift to place where the word joint has no significance, a life which is indifferent to pot and cigarettes.
Innovative ideas such as these can make a really big impact on your smoking cessation habits. Perhaps more important than you can imaging because you never know what might work out for you.

On another note, equally important and crucial to any smoker’s habit is the habit of exercise. The person who exercises more is more refreshed and relaxed. This means there is a lesser need of cigarettes and joints. A person who spends most of their time in merry making does not need to smoke weed to make them happy.

You need to be strong enough and have to have a stronger dedication towards what you are doing. Believe in yourself and always believe that what you are doing, you are doing it right.

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