Samsung Galaxy Tab Deals Opening Up the Competition in the Computer Tablet Market

Numerous Samsung Galaxy Tab contract deals are expected to sell this tablet cheaply here. Samsung’s head of mobile communications JK Shin observed, “Samsung recognises the tremendous growth potential in this newly-created market and we believe that the Samsung Galaxy Tab brings a unique and open proposition to market.” By introducing the Tab into the market, the South Korean mobile phone major has opened the doors for a far more competitive and dynamic environment to prevail in the computer tablet market.

This, for sure ends, the largely monopolistic hold that Apple enjoyed thus far. Add to the Samsung tablet, the Dell Streak and the about to be launched Blackberry Playbook, the scene is most certainly hotting up.Samsung has already stated that it sees huge potential in this particular market is working on upgrades of the tablet. Samsung also realises that with more than a couple of players fighting it out, prices will be a key factor in deciding the winner. 55au7700

Hence, Samsung has tied up with Vodafone and soon the market place here will be witnessing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Vodafone getting released here through umpteen Galaxy Tab Deals and SIM free plans. On first look the Samsung Galaxy does fare more than favourably when pitted against the much fancied Apple iPads.

While the iPads with a much wider touchscreen of 9.3 inches score better against the Samsung Tablet’s seven inches wide touchscreen, Samsung has a far better storage space, two camera devices (3 mega pixel and 1.3 mega pixel) against none in the Apple iPads. Now, combine this with the cheaper prices obtained because of the Samsung Galaxy contract deals, you are sure looking at a potential threat to the iPad stronghold of the market. Following Samsung Galaxy Tab Vodafone, other network service provider are also likely to join in the fray and let out a good number of Samsung Monte Deals and other such lucrative offers.


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