The Best Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture

The patio furniture is very popularly used. A patio is an outdoor area of a residence which is mostly used for relaxing, dining and other recreations. These paved areas are typically roofless and have a concrete or stone based floor. Furniture gives a great addition to the patios and serves many purposes. One of the best materials for outdoor furniture is wicker and is also very popularly used. Wicker is durable and the synthetic wicker furniture serves in all weather conditions. There is a huge line of outdoor wicker patio furniture from wicker bistro tables to wicker daybeds, wicker dining sets, wicker sofa sets etc. these types of furniture are not only suitable for an outdoor patio but various other outdoors like gardens, pool sides or backyards. The synthetic wicker furniture is the new trend in furnishing all your outdoors. They come in various styles and designs which add great beauty, comfort and style.

The outdoor furniture was usually resin based until a few years. The arrival of wicker has soon changed the entire idea of outdoor furniture. The newest form of wicker furniture made of synthetic is so durable and comfortable that it can be used on a daily basis without the fear of extreme weathers as they come in all weather resistant material. You do not have to fear of them getting faded in the sun, brittle in the cold or rusted in the Wicker Patio Furniture monsoons. And they also need no maintenance.

The outdoor wicker patio furniture which is of synthetic make is made of synthetics is weather resistant and lasts longer unlike the traditional make of abaca strands. But you must choose the best quality synthetic wicker type as many synthetics are toxic and may be harmful. The synthetic outdoor wicker furniture made of polyethylene is safe and a better choice. You must make some research before buying synthetic wicker furniture.

The outdoor wicker furniture also comes in resin. The resin not only is durable and suits all weather conditions but also give a great shape and style to the furniture. The resin wicker seats and backrests can be used outdoors on a daily basis without worrying about wind, sun or rain. They are so durable that they last in great shape and quality for years. The chairs have a hard base and may not be very comfortable to sit for long hours so you may want to buy chair pads or cushions for the seats separately to add greater comfort. The resin based wicker furniture range from $200-$500 based on the design and quality.

The outdoor wicker patio furniture usually comes in powder coated steel or aluminum. The powder coated aluminum wicker furniture is more durable and looks beautiful for many many years even if exposed to all weather conditions. The rust on aluminum is of the same color as the original aluminum unlike the rust of steel or iron. And moreover aluminum does not expand or become weak when rusted like steel or iron. Such characteristics make aluminum a better option for outdoor wicker furniture.

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