The Spanish Super-Draw From the E-Lottery

The E-lottery have at the moment introduced a Syndicate allowing you to join the Spanish super draw, Here’s a little more information about the draw and it’s really Prizes. The Spanish Lottery Super draw has some of the wealthiest prize costly in the world, ranging from EUR84 Million euro prize right up to and including hugely insane EUR2. 6 Thousand euro prize fund. Millions of people take part in this draw every single month, giving players the chance to win life changing cash prizes. This is because of how the numbers are drawn, there is not just one incredibly lucky winner, but thousands of winners.

The E-lottery are now giving their players the chance to play with their unique system to every Spanish Super draw. Every E-lottery Syndicate will win at situs togel least one cash prize in the special Economy is shown ‘El Nino’, Christmas ‘El Gordo’ and Summer ‘San Ildefonso’ Special draws, and 3 cash prizes in the 9 remaining monthly Super draws. This is Virtual World Markets guarantee.

Each E-lottery Syndicate member is guaranteed to win at least one cash prize. the E-lottery has a strategy that develops the numbers allocated to a syndicate, so that when the last digit printed on a Syndicate ticket matches the last digit of the jackpot winning number, the Syndicate wins a cash prize.

Each Spanish Super draw E-lottery Syndicate has a 35 player team who together share 10 decimos, each ending in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. So, no matter what the winning five digit number is, the syndicate will match at least the last digit, and therefore win a cash prize.

Each decimo can win up to 7 times, and there are thousands of different cash prizes to be won and players can join as many Syndicates as they want for as long as they are available.

The Spanish Super draw is drawn differently from other lotteries. Most lotteries draw 5 or 6 golf balls, getting back together a combination of winning numbers. With the Spanish Super draw, each ball has a five digit number printed on it. These numbers range from 00, 000 to 99, 999 this excludes the El Gordo, where the numbers range from 00, 000 to 84, 999, and are limited. Once these tickets are traded out, no more are made available.

Tickets for the Spanish Super draw can be purchased either in general ‘serie’, or, more commonly, as a less expensive ‘décimo’ (one tenth of a ticket/serie).

When the draw occurs, a ball with a five digit number printed on it is drawn from a bowl. This is the winning number. Then another ball is drawn from a separate bowl displaying a prize amount. These two golf balls are combined to provide the winning number and prize amount won. As you can see from how the Spanish super draw works, and from the method produced by the E-lottery this is a truly unique lottery and syndicate system that increases likelihood of winning a prize.

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