Watch Reviews – The Top Five Sports Watches For Athletes

All athletes needs great sports watches to company with them when they doing sports. Here are some recommendations for sports watches which athletes can use.


  • The Superb Tri-band Watch Phone The Superb Tri-band Watch Phone boasts a rich multimedia feature set to go along with its cool look. The cell phone watch is equipped with a 1.3 inch high-definition screen. As a multimedia player, the phone watch supports audio and video playback. Regarding the aspect of imaging, the phone houses a 1.3-megapixel camera that supports video recording with sound and length is just depending on the available.
  • The S16 Single Card Quad Band Watch Cell Phone The S16 Single Card Quad Band Watch Cell Phone with Bluetooth/Touch Screen Gold with FM radio is also a great sports watch. You can pick up your favorite FM radio stations wherever you are. Bluetooth is a great wireless technology. Touch Screen: Easy-to-use and responsive touch screen function for smooth navigating. Full Screen View: Crystal clear viewing with our cinematic full-screen mode. Fully Unlocked: Works on all four main GSM frequency bands for great reception world widely. You deserve this useful watch cell phone in your daily life.
  • Brand new 007 Watch Phone Brand new 007 Watch Phone with beautiful 1.5 inch display is a fully functional unlocked GSM cell phone watch for athletes. This sports watch has a rich color 1.5 inch touchscreen, built-in microphone and speaker, Bluetooth and rich selection of multimedia functions. What could be better than calling friends from your wristwatch? With any SIM card inserted, this digital watch now becomes a power house of a cellphone in addition to being a great multimedia phone (and a convenient personal organizer). Calls are simple with the supplied Bluetooth headset, or by using the watches built-in microphone and speakers. The watch itself features a durable rubber blend strap, platinum metal color face and cast metal function buttons on the sides. Great for cyclists, commuters, and anyone who wants to stop carrying round bulky products in their pockets or strap
  • 1.5 inch DUAL SIM Watch Mobile Phone 1.5 inch DUAL SIM Watch Mobile Phone With 1.3M Camera is a new style quad-band watch phone. with dual input, it features 1.5 inch touch screen and support alpha numeric keyboard input. It supports mp3/mp4 player function and include 1.3MP camera. Other functions include bluetooth, GPRS, FM radio and so on. Bluetooth earphone can support the master SIM card calls but not the slave SIM card. Without switching the phone off, it allows for you to use 2 different sim cards to standby, but only one call can be received each time.

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