Writing Great Follow-Up Marketing Messages


The selling power of follow-up marketing messages has long been known and is still as relevant as ever. Not everyone is an impulse buyer. Some people like to think a decision over, or need an extra bit of convincing before they’ll take action.

Following up with these people (most often by giving them the chance to subscribe to a sequence of follow-up marketing messages) increases your chances of converting them into buyers. A short 7-message follow-up series can be all it takes to gain new customers from these cautious prospects.

In this article we’re providing you with a few valuable tips on writing effective follow-up marketing messages. Use these to increase the effectiveness of your follow-up campaigns.

1. Know Your Goal and Your Market

Before you even start setting up your follow-up marketing messages you should plan your desired outcome and how you want to achieve it. What will the goal of each of your messages be? Devising a logical plan for the whole sequence from the start will not only make your writing easier, but will also lend a greater sense of coherence to the messages.

Message 1:

Share a key technique.

Message 2:

Share another key technique.

Message 3:

Case study of real world results.

Plan your whole sequence (usually a minimum of 7 follow-up messages is recommended) this way so that you know right from the start where you’re headed and how you’re going to approach the prospect.

2. Enticing Subject Lines

You are unlikely to be the only one sending pay for essay reddit follow-up marketing messages or emails to your prospect. Competing for their attention with a host of other messages means one thing: you have to get their attention. In a busy email inbox the only way to do that is with a powerful subject line.

Think of your subject lines in the same way as you would think of headlines for a sales letter. It needs to get the person curious, get their attention, make them want to open your message. Regardless of the content, if you cannot get your prospect to open the message it’s game over.

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